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Shoshana Hebshi (RYT 200)Shoshana Hebshi

Working with athletes is a natural way for me to share yoga. As a life-long athlete and active person, I understand the many benefits yoga brings to athletic goals. Yoga has helped me stay connected to my body and my breath, as well as helped keep me grounded. I am not naturally flexible, and I often tell people I would not be able to walk if I didn’t do yoga.

I discovered yoga in 1999 and started teaching in 2010. I’ve worked with football, softball, golf and cross-country teams, as well as triathletes, distance runners, swimmers, cyclists and body builders.

I enjoy the balance yoga brings to my athletic training. I still nurse old injuries from high school sports (many moons ago), and yoga has helped me be more gentle to my body and listen to the quiet warnings it gives. A heightened body awareness I’ve developed through yoga has helped discern how my body is responding to triathlon training and distance running.

I structure my classes for athletes around a vinyasa (flow) that incorporates strength-building, breathing, stretching and relaxation and LOTS of core strengthening. I also believe we can never have too many hamstring stretches or hip openers. But my classes are also restorative to give the body a chance to heal and recover from training.

I truly believe yoga is a lifelong journey, and I am continuously humbled and honored to have the opportunity to share yoga with so many others.