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Summer of Core Day 5: Boat w/ Obliques

We’re continuing to build on our Boat pose from two days ago. Today we’ll add in work to target the obliques.

Thanks again to the lovely Mary Lundstrom for helping demonstrate today’s exercise. Check out Mary’s class sometime! She’s a wonderful instructor.

Here’s the breakdown

  • Begin in boat (feet down or up)
  • Inhale to lengthen your spine, exhale twist your upper body and left arm to the left, keeping your knees forward.
  • Inhale back to center.
  • Exhale to the right.
  • Inhale back to center.
  • Continue for at least five full rounds, moving slowly with your breath. Work to maintain a long spine and lifted chest. If you start to tire, take a break. You can do another set of five rounds after a bit of recovery.

Kick it Up a Notch

You can make this a little more challenging by adding Fire Breath (kapalabahti) and quickening the pace. Mary demonstrates in the video here.

Some Notes

If you feel like geeking out on the anatomy of the core muscles, check out this article. It breaks down the different muscles in the core, what they do and where they are.

Why are we doing this? As yogis and as active people, we might be more attuned to how important it is to maintain a strong core to keep our practice safe and our bodies functioning as best as possible. For me, I experienced the importance of a strong core after having a C-section and losing strength and feeling in one of the places I’d always felt strong. I threw out my back badly a year later, and I know it’s directly related to having the musculature disrupted. It’s a situation many women experience after childbirth. And it’s so hard to get that strength back, or at least to maintain it at an appropriate level.

I hope this month helps all of us become more aware of our cores and how we use them in our yoga practice and our daily lives.

I’m interested in hearing how this week is going for you! Let me know in person, in an email or in a comment on the blog.

I’m teaching Saturday at 7 a.m. and will incorporate this whole week’s worth of moves into the class! It’s really not as early as it seems, and I’d love to see you on your mat.

Thanks again for participating, and a special thanks to Mary Lundstrom for helping out this week.

~ Shoshana



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