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Summer of Core Day 4

Welcome to another day of our core challenge!

I heard from a few of you that you did not receive the email for Day 3. You can find the day’s exercise here.

Moving on, we’re building on yesterday’s boat pose by puting it into motion.

Flowing Boat

Another of my favorites to add into a class sequence, I love flowing boat because it really helps link breath with movement. When we’re doing core work, because it’s so hard, it’s easy to hold our breath. Here we are intentionally using our breath to aid our movement.

Thanks to Mary Lundstrom for demonstrating the flowing boat, high to low. Mary teaches at Soul at 5:15 on Thursdays, as well as at other locations throughout the week.

Here’s the breakdown

  • Begin in Boat pose, chest lifted, back flat.
  • Feet can be lifted or on the ground.
  • Inhale and lift your chest.
  • Exhale, drop back, extending your legs out in front of you to a low boat.
  • Inhale, return to the high position.
  • Repeat at least 5 rounds with full attention to your flat back.


  • Feet can be lifted or on the ground.
  • Come back into low boat only as far as feels safe and comfortable. If you have to struggle to return to high boat, don’t go as far down the next time.


  • Builds heat in the body.
  • Strengthens the deep, transverse abdominus, hip flexors, psoas, quadriceps, lower back, upper back and shoulder muscles.
  • Builds stamina.

Have fun with this one!

~ Shoshana


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I write about what interests me, which could be anything from a scrap of mossy wood to a revolution. Mom to twins, Californian living in the American Midwest, wife of fledgling physician and the daughter of an Arab and a Jew.

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