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Summer of Core Day 3: Boat

Are you feeling it yet?
Today’s move is boat pose, navasana in Sanskrit, another foundational core exercise, which targets the transverse abdominus, the, low, deep abs that are often so hard to strengthen.
Let’s do it!

  • Begin seated with your knees bent and feet on the ground.
  • Extend your arms forward so your forearms are near your knees and your palms are facing up.
  • Inhale and lengthen your spine.
  • Exhale begin to shift your upper body back until you feel your back start to bend or you feel resistance.
  • Inhale lift your chest.
  • Exhale, draw your belly button up and in.
  • Lift your feet (optional) and straighten your legs (even more optional)
  • Hold here for 10 full rounds of breath.

Thank you Jason Crandell for all your hard work!


Feet on the ground or feet lifted with legs bent or straight are all optional. You can also lightly grab the backs of your thighs for additional support, but keep the abs working!


Here’s a nice visual of the muscles targeted in full boat. Check out how many on the front and back sides of the body are being used! Notice where you feel it the most.

For those of you who have been to my classes, you know I love practicing boat pose with lots of add ins. Those are coming up in the days ahead. If you’re feeling strong here, you can take a second round!

You can even do it with a friend!

Try a counter pose of incline plank, reverse table top or upward facing dog after this one. It’ll feel so good to stretch out those abs!
Let me know how the week is going for you and have a great day!
~ Shoshana

About Shoshana Hebshi

I write about what interests me, which could be anything from a scrap of mossy wood to a revolution. Mom to twins, Californian living in the American Midwest, wife of fledgling physician and the daughter of an Arab and a Jew.

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